A. Vincent Ularich

Screenwriter, Playwright, Director

Future Boyfriend

Future Boyfriend, a short film by Bellhouse Productions, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2016. The film, directed by Ben Rock and starring Emily Bell, Ron Morehouse, and 3rd Rock From the Sun's French Stewart, was adapted into a screenplay by Ularich based on his short play by the same name. The play had numerous productions around the United States, including the first Sci-Fest L.A., during their "Laugh Trek" comedy program. The Sci-Fest production starred Emily Bell and Ron Morehouse, and was directed by Meagen Fay. 

In addition, Future Boyfriend has been produced by companies such as Fort Port Theatre Channel and Counter-Productions Theatre Company, and was part of the show Love in the Time of Time Travel created by Ularich and Danny Bryck.

Future Boyfriend follows Stuart and Kaylie, a young couple early in their relationship, on a date where Stuart has planned to break some big news to her: he's from the future. Yes, the future. He came back to date Kaylie with a time travel app. Why would a man come from the future just to date her, Kaylie wonders? Stuart asserts that no she's not famous. Kaylie must face what she never thought she would on a date, and figure out what to do with her Future Boyfriend.